Codename: STRIKEFORCE #1 by Fred Schiller and Tom Morgan

There's an old adage that claims nothing will make you a better writer or artist than to see your work in print the first time. The year was 1983 and artist Tom Morgan and myself were determined to break into the comics industry. We learned that the fast track to working for Marvel or DC is to already be published. Sample pages or story springboards were seen in a lesser light than published comics. We used to theorize that maybe the editors thought if you were good enough for someone else to hire you that you were more of a professional. So here's the first superhero book that Tom and I did together. Sorry about the iffy scans. When time permits I'll give it another try and aim for clarity and consistency. Oh, and if it looks to you like only half the color in the book printed, that's not your imagination. The colorist, Bob Lewis, utilized an ancient method of coloring that involved painting shades of grey paint on a series of overlays. It was an amazingly time-consuming process and my hat is still off to Bob. Unfortunately, after all that work, the printer dropped the ball when it was on the press. Enjoy.