Officer, are these handcuffs really necessary? You're really not going to believe this, but I was sitting in my car minding my own business, when...

Where good superheroes go when they die.

I only practice legal music sharing these days. Hmmm...it seems Mrs. Holtz in Bakersfield is back on her Talking Heads kick.

EVERYTHING tastes better on a stick. Even an impending heart attack. Thank you Jimmy Dean!

I know if we'd had a boy instead of a girl he would have turned out like this.

Here's a photo of my little girl up on stage singing a torch song sweet enough to melt her daddy's heart.

Polite cat says, "No, we don't want a copy of The Watchtower, but thank you!"

Some mornings just don't start out as well as others.

Some days you're the tortoise and other days you're the hare. Today I'm feeling a like the tortoise. Perhaps I'll come out of my shell later.

I thought I had the best Super Airplane! Dang it! Mine doesn't have Flashing Enter or anything!

I'm just looking for chum buddy to love.

You know, if it's not flying rodents it's weasels tearing my flesh..

Flying rodents ripped my flesh and messed up my hair!

A Steampunk computer mouse that is cool enough to be worth the extra effort of using it.

Call Lex Luthor and tell him we found where Superman lives...

An invitation to a Lost finale part I wish I'd been invited to.

LOST: The 1987 PC Adventure Game!

Olbers’ paradox says that at night any angle from the earth the sight line will end at the surface of a star. So why isn't the night sky solid stars?

The simple ideas are the best. Artist Chris McMahon buys blah paintings at garage sales and adds monsters to them.

To read about Chris and to see more examples of his work, click here!

I'll probably get my fill of him before too long, but Daniel Tosh is one funny man.

Anyone remember the television show ALF? My favorite episode was the one where he won a free toaster that said 'TOAST' when you put fresh bread in.

I love dogs. A lot. But if my neighbor can't figure out how to keep his from barking around the clock I'm going to chuck a beehive over the fence.

If my Mac doesn't quit fooling around and straighten up and fly right, I'm plugging this in.

Who's anxious to see the Iron Man 3 movie? A show of hands, please.

An unspeakably cool homage to the Star Trek episode 'City on the Edge of Forever' by Dan McCarthy.

I had to post it on its side for size reasons. Click on it for a larger version and if you want to see it at the correct angle, save it to your desktop and flip it counter-clockwise. Such a great piece of art.

Some days you hit the wall, other days the wall hits you.

So, you figure it makes all the stops along the way? Everyone gets a ride?

And then he ate her. (I kid, I kid.)

This new cola I've been drinking seems to go right through me...

If needing to close the bathroom door even when you're home alone classifies you a neurotic, count me in.

Well, he's his Mom's little Special Man.

Argh, matey! These lighthouses have a mighty peculiar flavor.

I've got a headache of epic proportions. Everyone be nice to me today, okay?

This is real. It's no cheap trick.


What a nice mother to knit her son such a neat sweater. The only thing my mom ever gave me was her empty gin bottles to play with. (I kid, I kid.)

Lego my Iron Man. No...I'm serious. Lego! Don't make me ask you again. You know about me and Iron Man.

Worst tattoo for the day? Month? Year? How about worst tattoo of all time?

Happy Birthday Empire Strikes Back! Celebrate, why don't 'cha?

Happy Birthday Pac-Man! You don't look a day over 29. (can I have some of my quarters back now?)

Funny or rude? You make the call.

Holy William Shatner! Maybe getting a window seat wasn't such a good idea.

They don't come boiled harder than Lee Child's Reacher

My glacier gently weeps...

Beauty and function have rarely blended together as well as they did in the 1930 Henderson Custom.

Robot art from Brian Despain, one of my favorite artists.

I fully intend to embrace our Martian Overlords with open arms. What's the alternative?

I'm royally ticked off at the AMC channel. It's impossible to program anything to record because their times are always off. Now change my diaper!