If you're not watching Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz, why not? Have a report on my desk by morning.

I'm glad I had the good sense to post this.

to avoid

The polish movie poster for Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'. Gotta love Polish designers. I do.

Things will be peaceful and serene once the robot overlords take control of the planet. How sweet.

How to avoid choking to death, brought you by your friends from Wills's Cigarettes!

Mmmm....women and oatmeal. (Homer Simpson sound)

Don't get your hopes up. I tasted Batman's utility belt and these guys aren't made of cream cheese. It tastes like marble or something. Ick!

I'm never in a hurry but I must be Russian because Russians love robots as much as I do!

You can't have a good time without a good watch, and this looks like a good watch. I could go out and buy it but it would be a better present.

I'm Batman. Oh, and your sheets are dry.

Astronauts have always gotten all the babes--from all the worlds. Art by Wally Wood & Russ Jones

to make
it outer

See ladies? Men have been trained to be sexist pigs for years. It's in our DNA!


Everybody needs some bunnies to love...

Are there no depths that Skynet won't sink to in their efforts to kill young John Connor?


The Rustslinger and The Inquisitive Nomad by the always entertaining sculptor, Vincent Villafranca.

Here's 'Stanley the Robot' designed by James Gurney and sculpted by Lawrence Elig. What a great collaboration.

Forbidden Planet is one of my favoriate sci-fi movies from the 1950s. Here are two posters from the French release.

Please click posters for larger versions!

Remember Futureworld, the luke warm sequel to Westworld? These foreign posters make it look much better then it was.

to make

Here's a piece of furniture that all creative types should have in their home. What a great invention!

Want to be a cool graffiti artist like Banksy but you're afraid of the cops and allergic to spray paint? Now there's hope!


Well, it is the weekend and I have a lot of work that I really should get done, so I should forget about having fun and stuff...


Although many people bought bags of the new flavor Doritos, there were no reports of anyone tasting them.

They don't show it often, but owls have a sophisticated sense of humor.

I can't believe he had the nerve to treat you that way! Men are such animals. Present company excluded, of course.

I probably would have picked that for my answer too. A whale or a Filet-o-fish sandwich.

It's great that they're such good friends.

Perhaps checkers would be a better game for them.

If someone gave you a billboard for a month to speak you mind--what would your mind say?

Today my daughter is a geek! Gone to wait ten hours to see the midnight Harry Potter showing. So very proud.


Hold on a second. I see what you're up to there. You're not fooling anyone.

If you like the movie Starship Troopers you should like this cartoon.

Please click
image to
It's funnier
if you can
read it.

I fail to see the humor in this cartoon. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Drew Struzan cooks up a new Frankenstein poster...because he can...and because it's cool.

It would be a
shame if you
didn't click
on the image
for a larger

Although he knew he owned a special kitten, Jacob was amazed when he learned the true destiny of Mister Whiskerbottom.

For a devastating criminal so very unstoppable, Colonel Carnage had a good sense of humor.