Forget about apples, I'm a strong believer in a giant robot a day for maximum happiness.

I'd be freaking out if I were him, too! Those strongly resemble two of his best friends.

Ralph's search continues but his hopes begin to falter. .

Tune in tomorrow for the new hit FOX reality series--LICK THAT WIRE!

I love all faceplants, but baby elephant faceplants have to be my favorite.

What am I doing today? You're looking at it. Come back tomorrow for more of the same.

They couldn't print it if it wasn't true.

In space no on can hear you say, "Damn, that Edward Emshwiller is a cool painter!"

It looks as though the poor thing is having an art attack!

Heil Me! Or don't--like I could care. Who has my black fingernail polish?