Got a minute to look at something? Good!

Even on his occasional day off, Conan the Barbarian stays sharp by
playing a few rounds of Whack-a-Skull at the neighborhood bloody
ooze pit. 

"Oh, yeah. We smoke all the time up in the capsule. Technically we're supposed
to put 'em out during blast off, but what NASA don't know won't hurt 'em."

This guy is a dirty, stinkin' rotten liar! Nobody ever was 'talking about'
backgammon. It never happened! And if Roman Brio doesn't come on
strong, how come they had to recall all the bottles after guy's polyester
shirts started bursting into flames? 

Good use of a Parental Advisory label. The young lady sings in
Spanish and I don't 
¿hables. She could be singing the Tijuana
phone book for all I know.

Beware which dog? Certainly not this one. Man, you French! 

Exhibit A:  The Bird

Danse Macabre by  the terrifically talented Rob Harrison
A brilliantly designed and executed poster. Cheers to all involved.

I've been using that key all wrong for a long time.

Wars continued to ravage civilization up until the year 2013 when a team of research scientists were
able to weaponize the cuteness contained in this single photo. Once the weapon was unleashed,
nobody felt like fighting anymore.

"Honey, you know I love you, but your breasts are absolutely filthy! Do me a
favor and go wash them, will you?"

Although they were slow and clumsy in the Swim Team tryouts, the McCleeny Sisters
excelled in Wrestling Club. One of them could wrestle half the boys by themselves. 

Who doesn't Google shit?

You guessed it, the gorilla my dreams.

Ron Swanson's great grandpappy. 

A totally sexist advertisement for a totally sexy motorcycle. 

This is not racist or the biohazard it looks to be.
Wiki it for all the nasty details. You'll be sorry you did.

Everyone together…."Wow, I did Nazi that coming!"

I'll have a schlish of brishket in a bashket, Trebek.

Carl never did figure out why people stopped inviting him
to parties.

Here's something you don't see everyday, unless you're Jason Bourne, Liam Nesson, or one of
those 007 guys.

This is kind of fun, even if you're not a big fan of Steampunk.

This looks like a great suit, guys. I guess I'll be off on my first mission.
got a sheath knife, spiked boots, and a linguaphone, but no air to
breath. What good is a linguaphone if I have no oxygen to vibrate
my vocal chords!

You look Super to me. You've got the job.

If you think I look bad you should see the guy who shot me!

These are great. I like to pop the cap and drop them into their Trick
or Treat bags. Loads of fun!

Oh, please! What kind of nutso crazed geeky fanboy is going to want a
Marvel Comics USB drive? Besides myself, that is. I want them all!

What teenage boys honestly believe happens in the girl's locker
room. Silly, right? You girls don't do stuff like this, do you?

I caught him. I'm keeping him. End of discussion.
Brad wanted this moment to last forever so he stopped sipping
and began forcing his spit down into glass, replenishing the
level of the drink.

Murphy, is that you?

Sally thought she was hot stuff until one day in the ladies room she got her lipsticks mixed up and
wound up shooting her mouth off.

I'm secure enough in my manhood to admit that I like the Bubble Fairy.

I say that if you're stuck in a crap job, you might as well do stuff like this to keep yourself amused.

In space no one can hear you say, "Awesome, dude!"

You'd probably love some hotdogs with all the fixings and a big pile of crunch chips to enjoy while
watching the marathon of 'Gold Digging Fish Snatchin' Icy Road Pawn Shoppers' but who has the
time or energy to go to the kitchen to cook them the messy old fashioned way? But now there's
hope. Salvation, even. With Shearer's Hot Dog-flavored potato chips, you never have to get up
from the couch again! 

"Well, how long until you CAN come out and play? What did you do to get in trouble?"

I hear you, little dude. It's just the way the world is sometimes.