The 1000 books to need to read in life--before they bury you alive. There's some incentive for you.

At long last we see the Cat's Pajamas. Very nice, but I think I was expecting some sort of velvety robe or smoking jacket as well.

Simple goals are usually the easiest to achieve.

Be honest. Does this statue make my ass look fat?

I don't know exactly what this is, but I know it's probably expensive, and that my wife will want one.

Chester is ready for the new season of Game of Thrones and he's not sharing with anybody, so don't ask.


Happy Friday, everyone! Drive yourself home safely and then drink yourself silly!

Curse you, design students! I thought this was real and I wanted it, but noooooo, it's just a school project!

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The differences between cats and dogs--revealed at last! Shocking! Amazing! Thought Provoking!

Minimalist DC Heroes poster by Michael B. Meyers Jr..

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"Excuse me, Stewardess. I speak Jive."


The special box Doctor Who uses to take the ladies out for the night. Disco friendly.

Yoda as a child or as a really terribly old...Jedi. Nobody is certain.

Why don't you take a picture, it lasts longer. Oh, you did. Well then move it along!

Put on some Barry White, crank this thing up to 11, and hang on sister!

Beauty does have its price, but so does ugliness. Sad but true.

I, for one, was not aware of that...

Regular visitors to the blog, say it with me... "He did Nazi that coming!"

I'll have what she's having. No, not the drink, the lumbering white bear! Silly man!

And be certain to curb your doggie or I'll be forced to do it, and he won't like it when I do it.