In Hollywood, for every Raging Bull or Godfather that gets made, there are dozens of low budget films getting pumped out. Here are the posters from a few.


Bombshell--let's agree to disagree on the origin and just enjoy the pretty ladies, okay?

There's an ongoing debate over the origin of the word bombshell. The dictionary defines it as; something or someone having a sudden and sensational effect, an attractive girl or woman, and a bomb or artillery shell. Over time I think all three definitions have become interwoven. During wartime the military bomb crews took to painting pinup women on the artillery they would be dropping on the enemy. So you have bombshells being dropped with bombshells painted on them, and when they landed they would most certainly have a sudden or sensational effect. I say we call the point moot and bring on the lovely ladies. I found these images tucked away in a file with unfortunately no credits given to the artists. I apologize for this but I think there are some 'experts' out there who could name the artists with no problem. Enjoy!