Wow, look at him go...all those tiny details. I never knew that old expression was so true!

Classic Kaluta. And by classic I mean utterly fantastic!

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This continues to be one of the most looked at images on my blog. With good reason, obviously. But I'm just sayin'.

The original header was, Guitar playing rhino kicker explodes an atom bomb. 'Nuff said.

Okay, who's the genius that opened up a snake in a can?

The would would be a less cool place without the dynamic Robert McGinnis.

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With this sacred ring, you shall Command all of your computer. (It's not the world but it's not half bad.)

The true reason for the extinction of dinosaurs, told at last. Happy Shark Week everyone, and stay out of the water!.

I know you're thinking it but I'll say it. "We're going to need a bigger bridge!"

The Unreliable Superhero by the talented Christina Ung. Very nice.

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....So hungry....what to do? Wait, I see now...

Here's Anne Hathaway tearing it up in the third Christopher Nolan Batman movie. See you there next year!

A poster as cool as the movie.

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Brade Runner,
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Oreos are the perfect fruit. They're great plain or dunked in milk. For a special treat try them with a dab of peanut butter! Mmmmmm, good.

Patrick Leger's work has a new/retro blend that I enjoy very much. I look forward to seeing more of his illustration.

Unique imagery from the unique mind of Tim Boelaars!

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It's true because it's funny.

I predict everyone's favorite character from the movie Real Steel is going to be Noisy Boy.


Before you freak out, take another look.

Last year she had that wishy-washy injury. What's your problem, Sue? If that's your real name.

I'm taking the three of them to the garage to be retired. They're looking kind of flat.

I wonder how many people saw this in the newspaper and never made the connection?

It's still early, but I'm going out on a limb and calling this the coolest door of the day.

Awesome car sun shade.

"Our top agents were able to infiltrate the enemy camp and return with this photo which I have a very bad feeling about, gentlemen."

Posters by Olly Moss and Eric Tan celebrating the Captain America movie.

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A fantastic tee-shirt design by the designers at Hidden Moves. I don't know what it is but I like it!

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Brown Recluse Spider-Man! His deadly bite was once feared, but his penchant for hiding in narrow spaces has made him a joke among criminals.

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Welcome to New York. Now run away while you still can.

Tom Gauld remains one of my top ten Internet cartoonists. The man makes me laugh.

Fly away, Science Fiction. They'll miss you when you're gone.

Shakespeare cranks out another one to pay the rent.

Still one of my very favorite Eddie Izzard routines. The man is comedic dynamite.

It's a fun idea but I totally see it ending in tragedy.