X marks the Fox...

Okay, there's no debating that he's one of the most talented spinal surgeons on the planet, But, now we're also supposed to believe that he's a top notch race car driver who secretly works for a branch of the government that's so top secret that it doesn't have an offical name or designation?

I like Matthew Fox but I thought for years now that it was Vince Vaughn who was pushing to make this movie happen--just so he could play Racer X. Maybe the studio suits thought that Vaughn wouldn't be taken seriously enough.


The Incredible, Edible Hulk…

I like Edward Norton. I like him a lot. His performance in American History X chilled me to the bone and he flat out stole The People vs. Larry Flynt away from Woody Harrelson. I didn’t necessarily like Rounders and Fight Club but even so, he was great in them.

He brings an edge to his characters that many of his contemporaries are incapable of generating.

That said, do I think this immensely talented actor can successfully portray scientific dishrag Bruce Banner? Nope. Not in a month of leap years.

I think when it comes to casting for a movie or television show, you can almost hear an audible click when you find the right person for the role. Christopher Reeve as Superman--Click. Toby Maguire as Spider-Man--Click. Ian McKellen as Galdalf—Double Click. Michael Caine as Alfred Pennywise--Click. Eric Bana as Bruce Banner—A Mild Click. The cast of Sin City—Multiple Clicks. Edward Norton as Bruce Banner—Silence…Crickets Chirping…More Silence.

My movie-going Spidey sense is screaming at me that Edward Norton is dead wrong for Bruce Banner. Of course it’s betrayed me before. I never believed that Hugh Jackman was going to be a credible Logan/Wolverine. Jackman is not at all who/what I had for everyone’s favorite crazy Canadian, but I’m happy to have been proven wrong. I hope it happens again.