An idol with her idol.

This could get ugly, kids. Better put this comic back and get a different one.

Oh, boy. Nothing beats a gag based on a thirty-year-old reference.

Controlled by my Helmet of Doom my army of evil felines shall rule the earth. Do not mock me!

Car robots play it dumb until the time of revolution arrives.

This is my new lair. Not sure if it's going to be evil or for just chillin'.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone willing to do more for you for less. A devoted dog is a wonderful thing.

A good housewife knows to keep a supply of razor-sharp daggers handy.

Simple message or devious code?

The racist drinks of my childhood.

The only flavor sucker any of us really needs. Forget the rest and go with the best!

A world without Bacon is a world without joy!

Nuts! The baby and bird are back again. Someone really needs to rescue that kid!

I knew Honest Abe wouldn't go down without a fight. Eat hot death, Booth!

I knew it. We've been lulled into a false sense of cuteness.

The only thing I hate about Halloween is scraping pumpkin guts. Hook this baby up to a drill and problem solved!