This is not the cereal I was looking for--but it's good!

Too many floors are made of lava these days--especially little kid's--and Spider-Man's.

The mighty Kong by the equally mighty Arthur Adams.


I've been getting threatening letters from cute animal fans (go figure) so no robots or cool art today. Now I'd appreciate the return of my garden gnome, please.

Always bring your purse when it's raining, in case you need to take a cab home.

When you're an only child you make do for friends.

Contrary to popular belief, turtles love bath day.

Pssssst! Hey kid! Have you head if we're getting pureed tuna again? 

I meant to do this, of course.

It's kind of like puppy love, only with elephants. 

Use one for big itches and the other for delicate areas.

Get up right this second. You're going to school today and that's that! 

It's a good to be a cute animal. I've got an agent and a deal with Disney!

I fold up easily for convenient carrying and storage! 

Don't worry. That whole 'Dog Eat Dog' thing is just an expression. You're safe.

Why yes, I am a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. To be honest, I've never
seen one before either.

No, it's a KIDDIE pool, not KITTY. You'll be perfectly safe there.

Nearly all species of animals enjoy a good Knock-Knock joke.

Ungh! You get down and let me try. I'm taller than you! 

I may not go very fast but I look good doing it.

Pugsly wishes he had paid closer attention the last time Star Wars was
on television. He could really use the force right about now.

From this point on, you may address me as Simba.

Whoo loves you, baby?


...be quiet...

....it's nap time!

For others, it's bath time. 

Some are curious about the world...

...while others are pretty scared of it.

They give so much and ask for so little in return. Ten minutes will make him happy
for the rest of the day.

Faster dad! Just like last time. Come on, let's go real fast!

It's a pity something so cute has to grow up into something so tasty.

Slurp! Yeah, Kung Fu Fat Boy or whatever to you. Slurp! Happy *BURP* New Year!

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sharing the wealth!