Let’s forget about doing live action versions of comic books for a while…

With the advent of CG imagery, has there ever been a better time to be a movie maker, period?

Look at the colossal amount s of grief Orson Wells went through to get Citizen Kane up on the big screen. Today a fairly competent kid with a couple of jacked up iMacs could get the job done on a long holiday weekend.

Always one to do things a dollar late and typically a dollar short, I finally saw the big screen version of 300 today.

I rarely say such things, but at one point I whispered over to Valarie that there was just too damn much stuff going on. The director put the ‘bomb’ into bombastic, which is exactly what a movie like this needs, but still…my petty human brain can only wrap itself around too much stimuli. The same thing started to happen toward the end of Barman Returns.

If movie makers are going to start using these sophisticated tools, I’m going to have to start stepping up to the challenge or Watchman will put me into the hospital for the over stimulated.

Oh, in case I didn’t mention it, I thought 300 rocked.