Everyone put on your rain boots and overcoats. It's time for another image dump and things could get messy! Enjoy!

A rare test photo of Raquel Welch for her tentative role in Ernest Hemingway's
'A Farewell to Arms'. (Thanks to Laura Kagawa-Burke)
A fan tribute poster for the film Brazil.

There's nothing good on the television tonight, but there's something fun in it.

Awwwww, tell me you're not lion!

Batman scowling in his cowl.

Hulk smashing.
An Alien alienating himself.
More Aliens doing the same. Why can't they just be nice?

Love overcomes all.
It's also good to be ready to run in case you're not forgiven.

I want my cone filled with vanilla on the bottom and chocolate on top!

Melting Iron Man -- Sam Spratt

Luckily death from the skies was averted, but only humans with duck bills survived.

My swingin' beach bunny is having trouble getting dressed today. "You're doing it wrong, dear!"
"That's still not right. No I don't think it's good enough."

"You know, I don't think those are your pants. I don't think they're anyone's. I guess we'll stay in today."

By the turn of the century most trees had lost their eyesight due to a sad lack of tree opticians. 

Don't worry--Flash will save every one of us.

Hey kiddo, wake up! It's time to be scared witless!

It takes one to know one, Victor. Just sayin'.

Next year buy Gramps a fire extinguisher instead of slippers for his birthday.

Iron Man rocks the house--no matter what armor he's wearing.

Batman blue blotter acid will set you free, until you crash.

This book is always checked out of the library. They should buy an extra copy!

Fat Jesus says to relax--everything is going to be fine.

Oh, call the ladies together. The Strip-O-Gram is here! 

Old Skool Bats saves the day!

I love seeing the Cosplay people at comic conventions. Some more than others. Heh.

Wallace Wingnut loved having his children around while working on his inventions.

You vill listen to my new album. We half ways of making you listen.

That's the most popular chapter in the book!