Comic book artist Karswell feels it's important you know your ghosts.

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I want to believe bunnies can fly...

In the future women will harvest men in domes for the sole purposes of sex, mowing the lawn, and killing spiders. Then they will be disposed of.

Times are tough everywhere--even under the sea.

I'd like to read this book when it comes out. It's about a bear who has lost his hat and goes looking for it.

The Peanut swims with the fishes. I'm the new top hat in town.


The year 2000 as proposed by a Frenchman named Villemanrd in the year 1910.

The print is called Death's Head and the prints are done on hand tea-stained paper by Moon Light Speed Press.

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Is Saturday over yet? Is it okay to come out now?

You coffee drinkers have all the best toys.

Okay, I've got the right exposure set and the aperture is correct, now I can... Hey! Where'd the bird go?