I know for a fact I burned Mr. Chatty up in the fireplace last year, but now he's back in the attic and he seems really mad.

I tried going outside today but this plant chased me back in. I'm hoping the Watchtower people show up and will squash it for me. They're fearless.

Done! That's it for the day!

Just add liberal amounts of airplane glue, lock the door, and you're good to go.

When a bears attack--fool 'em! They're dumb.

When you're too full to finish but you don't want to waste...

I'm at a loss on this one, gang. Mothers and son? Sister and brother? Cousins? Second or third aunt and nephew?

Maybe it's just me, but I'd be far more terrorized by Bigfoot if he wasn't wearing sandals--or any kind of footwear.

She's got me dead to rights. I was the one who yelled, "Hey, Fishhead Lady!"

Amazing! The sum of my life has been boiled down to a single comic book panel.

Chug...chug...chug... Come on, finish it!

A goofy cat or an angry bunny? You make the call.

Self defense is harder than it looks unless you use Tips-N-Tricks. They make it easy!


And just like that, Justin's juggling career was over.

Inspiring and often imitated (but never ever duplicated) Alphonse Mucha still rules.

Sorry, dude, but Brenda just isn't your type.

We're so sheltered here. Some religions have the most fascinating wedding customs.

Preschool animal psychic, Lydia Sue Collins amazed zookeepers and scientists alike. Until she was eaten. She should have really seen it coming.

If I had a wall I'd definitely put some of these on it.

It's very difficult to throw a surprise party for an elephant. They always see it coming.

Finally, the perfect bed for anyone who likes to sleep around. (Is no pun too low for me to sink to? Nope!)

A sliver of National Lampoon goodness from the supremely talented Taylor Grant. Hey Taylor, call me!

This Isaac guy might be the real thing. He's got some amazing credentials.

Well, it looks like no more Benihana for me!

If you want them to take real long naps during the day and to sleep straight through the night, then they're right. That's what baby needs.

And it folds into your briefcase when you're done riding. The future will be great but the seats will be narrow.

Can't get your fill of Iron Man movie action until the third movie comes out? Well, now you can.

You've really got to admire Sabrina and her projection equipment.

Art is anywhere you make it.

Another nerd swings and misses.

Winner of the cool lamp of the day competition.

This one was easy. Ninth up and third from the left.


My daughter just started learning Photoshop. This is her first experiment.

Superman by pulp superstar H.J. Ward. They don't paint 'em like this anymore!

For more of Ward's paintings, visit here!

When in doubt--always take the scenic route.

At last! At very long last! Pizza in a Cup! The world seems suddenly sunnier now, doesn't it? Now all that's left is to for me to put one in my belly.

I thought I knew what a man was...what a REAL man was. Then I met Flavio. Now everything is different and I don't know anything anymore... *sob*

Whatever kind of club these gents belong to, I don't want to be a member of.

I really need to phone in for a refill on my prescription.

I would give a lot to have this piece of sculpture by Allison Reimold hanging from my office wall.

Obey the Kitty!

Well, at least playing chicken is a lot safer then it used to be.

Boy, the holidays are really sneaking up on me. I can't believe it's that time of the year again...