I would love to hear about the other things he was wrong about.

When they're rapidly spinning, sure. I think the rest of the time they're pretty safe.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When life gives you a bunch of markers you make yourself a Spider-Man costume.

"This one is for all the geeky artists out there." He said while lighting a picture his pipe.

I nominate this little fellow to be the Official Insect of the 4th of July.

Can't sleep? Trapped on a snowy pass? Bored at work on a Friday afternoon? Here's your answer. http://www.randomyoutubevideo.com/

Beware! The Ninja cat photobomber can strike anywhere!

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to make new kids the, um...old fashioned way.

Sometimes authority simply needs to be laughed at.

Sometimes it comes down to simply making due with what life gives you.

Having problems opening your bottles of Romulan Ale? Then you need to get the Starship Enterprise bottle opener.

Excuse me... I beg your pardon... I know you're busy and all but I've really got to 'go'. Look, there's some grass right behind me. I'll be right back


Sad that you don't have a mustache? Of course you are. You CAN get one of these cool mugs and fool friends and relatives into thinking you grew one!

Order yours today, or tomorrow, by visiting here! Tell them I sent you and they may wash it before shipping it to you!

You know, it's probably better this way.

The new DMV test is easier, but you still need to study.

As a kid I remember watching the old Superman show and thinking how unfair it was that The Daily Planet always got all the Superman exclusives.

Next time you're feeling put down upon, remember that humiliation exists in the animal world too.

Sure, I know 'Where the Wild Things Are'. They're out in my backyard and they won't go away.

No complaining, mister. You've got a bit of a fever so you're spending the day in bed. I'll go make you some soup.

I say full speed ahead and let's hope for the best.

If this is what his jacket looks like, I don't want to see his pants. Ack!

Let the truth finally be told!

In a pinch, a cardboard Wookie is better than no Wookie at all.

I guess they figure they should let people take their chances going down. If they break their neck, they've got the chair already.

I like that there are no specialists in Nigeria. One doctor can handle just about anything that ails you.

Thank you for the fair warning, sir. I'll try my best.

A little too soon. Don't you think?

The tan-in-a-can can doesn't fall too far from the tree. Just ask Sepia and her daughter Burnt Sienna.

This is that reverse psychology, isn't it? I thought so. It's too bad they don't have a dinosaur, though.

Silly Things I Want #739 (Collect the series!)


Darn it! I keep forgetting how this joke goes. Four guys walk up to a horse in a hole in the ground and say..

Thank you Valarie for turning me on to Florence and the Machine. I listened to 'Lungs' last night and it's perfect music to write to

What things might have been like if dinosaurs had the Twitter.

Strange but true. Where's a non-gender kid to go these days?

Wow, is it that time of the year already?

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening! (And very, very cool)

Sure, you might be having a crummy day--but this guy's having a worse one--so cheer up!

I don't know about any of you, but I'm stopping.

Based on the cover alone I would certainly plop down my last quarter for this issue.

Cannibal Crabs should be eating each other--not bothering him. What a flaw.

Make a new friend today.

When old Rex starts to slow down and isn't as much fun as he once was, now there's help!

A whole lotta touching going on!

Some people got no respect for public property.

Dad, get in the car. Thanksgiving dinner is getting cold.

So, I guess making some scrambled eggs is out of the question?

I don't like coffee but I love this coffee cup!

I couldn't decide which direction to go with this one, so everyone just make up their own caption.

Oh, but drinking and making signs is okay? What a double standard!

I realize that Pansy Kidd has done a lot for the community, but wasn't there something else they could have named for him?