The words come out...they're just the wrong words.

Is this a tool or a trap? A Blog seems like a good idea to get help get the creative juices flowing. (Does the phrase 'creative juices' make your mouth water? Me too. I'll have to ask my therapist about that.) Or will this turn out to be a place for me to screw off for a few hours 'pretending' to be creative, when I should be writing a new chapter of a book or working on my latest Tony Stark/Happy Hogan slash fiction?

At this very moment (well--as of ten minutes ago--you know what I mean) my productivity has been pretty good. A chapter or two of the good stuff a day. The words come out. Perhaps not always the proper words, but when I sit the words do come. So I guess I really don't need a device to prime the pump, if you will. But, like an artist's sketchpad, this might be a great place to put funny ideas and words that I maybe can't use in my paying work. That's a thought, eh?

So, we shall see what there is to see. Perhaps this will be the best thing since frozen water (I for one think that ice is a far better development than sliced bread) or perhaps I shall lose my tenative grip on the real world and get sucked into the Internets, never to be seen or heard from again.

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