Polish Power!

Everyone who knows me knows that I loves me my Polish movie posters. They make American posters look like sad piles of crap--or something like that. I thought I'd share the Polish posters for some of my favorite movies.

If you read the credits and know a thing or two about movies you'll be able to figure out what movie the posters are for. Think of it as a game. There are no prizes--just a bunch of fun!

For those of you who have old man eyes like I do, here are the movies the posters are for:

One of Mel Brooks last good movies HIGH ANXIETY

Before he turned into a killer, OJ Simpson acted like an astronaut in CAPRICORN ONE

Burt Lancaster, one of my favorite movie stars, kicked ass in AIRPORT

Burt also shined like the star he was in THE PROFESSIONALS

An overlooked fun-time movie, INNERSPACE

Get the hell out of the way of RUNAWAY TRAIN

Gene Hackman is good in everything (MST3000 pun intended) and he rocked in SCARECROW

David Bowie and Susan Sarandon in the same movie? It must be THE HUNGER

You simply can't stop THE TERMINATOR

Quiet! It's time for Mel Brooks' SILENT MOVIE

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