Curse you, IMDB! Curse you to hell!

It happened again and you all know how much I hate when it happens!

I love watching movies on TMC. They’re uncut, no commercials, and letterboxed when at all possible. Plus, they play a lot of old timey classic movies from before I was born.

A film had just started playing and it’s a movie that I knew nothing about. It’s called Between Two Worlds and features an interesting cast that includes John Garfield (the Robert Blake of his time—or the other way around, I guess), Sydney Greenstreet, and Edmund Gwenn. The dialogue is snappy and it’s set on a boat. Count me in!

Temporary amnesia fogs my brain, because I really should know better by now, as I grab my trusty iBook and go to imdb.com to get the plot of the movie and try and figure out what I missed. The first thing I read, with no sign of a spoiler alert anywhere in sight, is the major plot twist to the movie. The big reveal.

Well, fuck-you-very-much, as we used to say in Wednesday afternoon catechism class.

I have no interest in watching the movie now. Perhaps another day, when the phenylalanine in my Diet Squirt has boiled the events of today from my mind.

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