Great Expectations...

Nuts! I have to stop listening to people hyping movies.

If I hear enough positive buzz about a movie I build up all kinds of unrealistic expectations for it. Expectations that can never be reached, unless I directed the movie myself.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the horror movie Slither. It was written and directed by James Gunn, who wrote the screenplay for the most excellent Dawn of the Dead. (He also wrote both of the Scooby-Doo movies, but we all have to pay the rent sometimes, right?)

Earlier today the family and I were out picking up some last minute Halloween gear. I saw Slither in the new releases section of the home video of Wal-Mart. We had talked about renting it for a fun Halloween movie to watch while giving out candy, but I figured there were probably a few other people who might have that idea, so I bought it.

We got about halfway though it when I paused to go to the bathroom and to switch the laundry. (For some reason Dakota’s P.E. clothes never seem to make it into the wash until Sunday night, and I seem to be the only one concerned with getting them washed and into her backpack by bedtime Sunday night.) When I got back to the living room I saw that Dakota had gone to her room to take care of something and Valarie was getting ready to go upstairs to read for a while. She told me to go ahead and finish watching Slither with Dakota was gone for almost a half an hour so I figured we were done for the night. I cleaned up the kitchen and started getting ready to go up and read for a while myself.

The movie turned out to be some harmless, lightweight horror fluff. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it certainly wasn’t as much fun as I’d expected. Plus I was kind of annoyed because I specifically picked the widescreen version of the full screen version, but what was inside the widescreen box was the full screen version.

As I was getting ready to shut down the television I caught the beginning of a noir-looking movie about pool hustlers. It starred Freddie Prinze Jr., but it also featured Ving Rames. It started out sort of interesting, but quickly fizzled. Then Dakota came out of her room and asked if we were going to finish Slither. I hemmed and hawed for a minute, but then I gave in.

The movie ended pretty much the way you’d expect.

Again, it wasn’t horrible. I probably would have liked it more if I hadn’t heard word one about it. If the DVD had been the widescreen version I’d wanted I probably would have slid it into an open slot in our DVD collection, but it isn’t so I didn’t. I’ll bring it back to Wal-Mart and either get my money back or exchange it for something else.

Any suggestions?


Tony Akins said...

Yes, "Kiss,Kiss. Bang,Bang"
Great neo-noir with excellent tongue in cheek humor.
You could go VERY wrong with a movie with Val and Robert together. This works great.
Plus that Megan Maloney is SO damned cute.

Tony Akins said...

Sorry, that's Michelle Monaghan...not Megan Maloney. How the hell could I make THAT mistake *snort*

Hey the word verification is "nyuqk"!

TMALO70 said...

So, don't rent "Slither", Is what You're sayin' ??? And, who the HELL is Megan Maloney ??? Never heard of her...

Fred Schiller said...

We've been meaning to give Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang a try, and now we will for sure.

If you haven't seen it yet, give Lucky Number Slevin a go. Five minutes in you'll know if you love it or hate it. We loved it, but it is a movie that you have to pay attention to and have your brain turned on for. If you haven't seen it yet, Brick is a great rental as well.

Please DO rent Slither, Tony. It's fun and bright and has lots of goo that horror fans like. Just don't expect it to be the greatest thing since the invention of adult diapers.