Name the television show and win a prize...

As if you even need a hint, Burgess Meredith had a starring role. If Hollywood is so out of television series and movies to remake, they ought to give this show a go.


Aaron Sowd said...

Before my time! Great illo, though! Circa 1968-70 ish?

Fred Schiller said...

Good call on the age of the illo. It's from the early 70s and it was a TV guide cover by the late, great Bob Peak. Lots of todays illustrators owe a great deal to Peak.

The televison show was called SEARCH, but the pilot movie was called PROBE, which was the name of a top secret security agency that the three actors featured worked for. The hook was that all the field agents were in contact with a building full of researchers and technical experts who provided instant help and feedback. The agents had surgical earpieces so they could hear their helpers, and they carried quarter-sized cameras (this was big stuff in the early 70s) that could be attached to a ring, a cufflink, or a groovy medallion. The crew back at PROBE central could see and hear what the field agents saw and heard and give real time assistance.

The concept of the show blew me away as a kid. Each week the action would be centered on a different agent, so things never got routine or boring. She show only lasted for one season and I haven't seen any of the episodes in 30 years so I don't know how good/bad they really were. Maybe it's best that way.

Tony Akins said...

Hmm, I'd say the name of that show was "Probe"; the actors are (top to bottom) Doug McClurg, Tony Fransciosso and Hugh O'Brien.
Where's my prize? Hopefully it's not mens' hair product from 1970.

Fred Schiller said...

Good call, Tony, though it shows your age.

Your prize is in the mail. Honest. Keep checking and it'll show up. You may have to sign for it so you'd better never leave home.