A happy surprise for me to enjoy.

The other day we were renting movies and Valarie grabbed a copy of Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. That was fine for her, I thought, but certainly not for me. While she was watching her little slice of Mayan mayhem I could go down to the den and polish my penny collection.

Long story short, I happened to start watching it with her and I never left the room. I was captivated. In addition to a touching love story and buckets of brutal and bloody action, there was a surprising amount of humor.

How much great stuff do I miss out on due to prejudging? Probably a lot.


TMALO70 said...


I'm GLAD You were able to get passed whatever it was that stopped You from seein' this Fantastic Film... After seein' it, I walked outta' that theater sayin', "That's definitely joinin' My DVD Collection"... This Film managed to cover all the Genres as far as I'm concerned... Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy (Parts), Period Piece, Foreign Language, even Sci-Fi (Yes, I'm referin' to the eclipse)... It's such a Rarity to come across such a Gem of a Film that covers all that without overwhelmin' the senses to Death... Thanks Mel "Mr. Drinky Racist" Gibson... You're still Aces in My book...

Peace!!! I'm Out!!!


Aaron Sowd said...

Excellent movie!