Alice in Acid Land

Images are coming out now from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland adaptation. Johnny Depp is in it, of course, playing the Mad Hatter--but his makeup is so tricked out you might not recognize him. When I get some clean shots of the rest of the cast I'll post them.

I had sort of a weirdly deprived childhood and I never read the book. Never saw the animated version either. Which is not to say that I haven't seen bits and pieces of both--I have--I just don't know the whole story. We weren't big on the classics in my house and school when I was young. I read all the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift books but I never read, say, Treasure Island or Gulliver's Travels. Oh, well. At least I had shoes, food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in at night. I guess I wasn't THAT deprived.

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