All in all, just another Mugg on the wall...

I more or less decided that I was going to taper off/quit collecting the Mighty Mugg figures. I've got a nice collection and they make me happy to stare at them when I should be working. But there I was at Target yesterday. I made a quick pass through the toy aisle just in case some red hot new Iron Man toy hit the shelves that I didn't know about. There was nothing going on in the world of Iron Man, but in the Star Wars section there was a lonely Bossk the assassin staring at me. The only other Star Wars baddie I've got is Darth Maul and I figured if they had each other to talk about killing and bullets and such, that would be pretty cool. 

Meanwhile across the aisle were seven or eight Galactus figures. They reminded me of the last time I was at the pound and saw the old dogs that were so old and common that nobody was ever going to adopt them. Not with all the puppies to be had. I bought a Galactus months ago so I figure I did my part. If they ever wind up in the bargain bin for a buck a piece I'll buy them all and send them to people for the holidays.

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