I’m bachelor number one this weekend…

Does anyone even remember the Dating Game anymore? They keep reinventing its counterpart, The Newlywed Game, but I only ever see clips of the Dating Game on shows that feature clips of old shows that no one remembers.

Valarie is off to Phoenix for the weekend to visit her brother and his family. She took our daughter Dakota and her boyfriend Connor. I didn’t go along for the trip for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a six-hour ride in our little Yaris would be akin to torture with my bad knees and back. Secondly, and primarily, her brother has a nice big hour with a nice big pool, but there’s rarely a spare bed to bunk down on and my days of sleeping on the floor or a four-foot loveseat are long past. I like Val’s brother and his family a lot, and I like to swim more than most fishes, but the sleeping on the floor is a deal breaker.

 It’s probably just as well I didn’t throw caution to the wind and go along anyway because my left knee feels like it has a rusty railroad spike pounded into it. So I’ll catch up on my reading and episodes of Mythbusters while munching on Percocet. I have to be careful with the drugs because I don’t want to slip into drugged dialing mode and call everyone in my high school graduating class.

If anyone wants to call me, that’s cool. (This of course goes out to friends who actually have my number. It’s not that I don’t trust the majority of people on the WWW, but part of me thinks it would be a bad idea posting my home telephone number)

I’m thinking of constructing a cardboard cutout of Valarie to pacify the cats. They miss her a lot and I could prop it up on the couch or put it in bed, dressed in her clothing, and they probably wouldn’t notice the difference. Stupid cats.

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LKBurke29 said...

Hey Fred,

Would love to get in touch with you and Val again. I come by and visit your blogs from time to time and enjoy your writing - as always, you're dry wit never fails to gives a smile. Drop me a line sometime just to say hi, let me know what you guys are up.

Laura Kagawa-Burke