Welcome back, convention attendess!

Quite a weekend, eh? I hope you had an outstanding weekend but I don't envy you.  I love going to small conventions where you can walk the room in a half an hour and then go back around looking for cool stuff to buy and talk to the dealers and creators. To me, that's fun. The controlled atom bomb blast that is San Diego is anything but fun for me. I get really creeped out being surrounded by thousands of people. Put aside all the fanboy stereotypes for the moment, I just can't stand the unwashed masses in that quantity. One of the best times I went was when my daughter was around one and she was in this cool backpack that looked up over my head. Because I had a baby on board I had no problem strong arming fans who would stop in the middle of the aisle to go through their backpack looking for a Defenders #2. I just bellowed "Moooove It!"  and made my arms like a cow catcher in front of me. Like Disneyland, having a baby on board also helps get you to the head of the lines. Next year I suggest getting your hands on one of those realistic baby dolls and a carrier. The convention floor will be yours.

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Martin Powell said...

Hi Fred,

Nope, didn't go to San Diego. Too busy writing comics right now, and other things, to just sit at a table and be smothered by loitering Smurfs and Stormtroopers getting their pictures taken.

I'll be at Chicago next year, though, to promote MARTIANS, GO HOME, among other stuff.