One bitchin' cool boxed edition.

Buy this copy of Pixar's 'UP' and get a Luxo Jr. lamp. You know you want it. Get your geek on.


Martin Powell said...

I don't do Blu-Ray...but that sure is COOL.

(We loved the movie, too.)

Fred Schiller said...

Yeah, I don't do Blu-Ray either. I guess one day that'll be all they sell, but not today.

Martin Powell said...

I figure the day they release the original KING KONG, the Universal Monsters series, and all the Hammer movies on Blu-Ray, I'll buckle and buy the damned machine.

I don't have a cell phone either. Last thing I want is the phone following me around when I leave the house. It never ceases to ring as it is.

Nice to get away from technology once and a while...except I have to see everybody else playing with their phones.

It's ridiculous.