1.16.2011 Story idea of the day

The Adventures of Rubber Girl and Sticky Ⓒ Fred Schiller

A mysterious meteor shower gives thousands of people around the earth extraordinary powers. Two of these people are Rubber Girl and Sticky. Rubber Girl looks normal enough except that her skin is a little pinker than before. Anything that comes anywhere near her instantly bounces off. Be it a kiss from her mother or a high-caliber bullet. You can't hold her hand or touch her anywhere without getting thrown across the room. Sticky's powers are pretty much the opposite of Rubber Girl's. Anything that comes in contact with him stays in contact with him for up to a week. Flies land on him and are stuck like glue. If someone rushes up to him and shakes his hand, they're going to remain shaking hands with him for a long time. The items stuck to him usually eventually fall off when he's in a deep sleep, but the next morning it's the same thing all over again.

Because they're only marginally in control of their powers they're ostracized by the other super groups and leagues. Happenstance brings them together and they discover they work well together but their personalities are total opposites. They hate each other from the start and these ill feelings only increase once they realize that the fates have brought them together against their will. Things get even worse when Rubber Girl develops appendicitis and conventional doctors can't operate on her. After they finally strap her down on the operating table their needles and scalpels keep bouncing off her. It's up to Sticky, working under a surgeon's instructions, who can finally save her in the nick of time.

Can these two opposites, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, overcome their rage over being stuck with each other for the rest of their lives? And if they can control their anger, can they forge a friendship?

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