Brother, can you spare a hundred million?

Everyone likes to read about how amazingly wealthy their favorite celebrities are. I know I do. I was excited when I came across this list online but the longer I stare at it the less I believe in it. Take a look. It just seems wrong. For starters all the totals are rounded up or down to the nearest fifty or zero. And the sampling seems pretty narrow--from two-hundred and fifty million to sixty-five. Kind of weird, right? Plus, the list covers some of the celebrities I'd expect, but there seems to be a lot of the regular suspects missing. How is Sly Stallone fixed for cash these days? What does Peter Jackson have tucked away in the bank? Did Arnold Schwarzenegger hang onto some money after the divorce? I know I'm the one who is posting it, but I have to cry foul. This list is both phony and full of baloney. So sorry to have wasted your time.

1. Tom Cruise: $250 million
2. Will Smith: $200 million
3. Robert De Niro: $185 million
4. Drew Carey: $165 million
5. John Travolta: $160 million
6. Demi Moore: $150 million
7. Samuel L. Jackson: $150 million
8. Bruce Willis: $150 million
9. Denzel Washington: $140 million
10. George Clooney: $160 million
11. Larry King: $150 million
12. Julia Roberts: $140 million
13. Ashton Kutcher: $140 million
14. Al Pacino: $135 million
15. Robin Williams: $130 million
16. Ben Affleck: $65 million
17. Alec Baldwin: $65 million
18. Woody Allen: $65 million
19. Ludacris: $65 million
20. Matthew McConaughey: $65 million

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