Art Frahm was a fairly talented illustrator who painted a variety of subjects from the 1940s to 1960s--but he's primarily known for painting women with droopy drawers.

Art Frahm wasn't an especially skilled artist. A lot of his pin-ups and girlie calendars were fairly pedestrian, but he developed a tongue-in-cheek campy style that people liked. He never did a lot of nudity but he developed a theme of pretty young ladies who got themselves into situations where they had their hands too full to prevent their panties from sliding down to the ground. More often than not their hands were full with groceries from the store and there was usually a bundle of celery sticking out the top of the bag. Baggy undies (comically oversized for the young lady) and groceries with celery poking out became his trademark. In addition to these, I've included some of his more conventional paintings. Art Frahm was certainly a unique artist.

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