I love a lot of things. I love my family, pancakes, robots, Godzilla's roar, Christmas, laughing so hard my eyes tear up, the nude female, tattoos, and monster movies. Here are two of them combined into yet another thing I love.

Tattoos can be amazing if you have a talented artist, a smooth canvas, and a great design. When the three gel you get something beautiful. Here are a couple dozen tattoos that I really like. They are all on women, and women sometimes take their clothes off and become naked. If you look at all of the following images you're going to run into nude women. Not literally, but photos of them. If you are offended by the subject matter or just don't care to see it at this time, please scroll past this post. If you're a kid and your parents are uptight about what you look at online, don't look. Please. Let's say if you're eighteen or younger, don't look. Turn your computer off and go outside and climb a tree or do something healthy. The naked ladies will still be here when you turn eighteen.Thanks.

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