The disaster continues...

There’s still no word from Symantic, I made my deadline for Liquid Development and the boys are off at the Game Developer’s conference in San Jose, so I’m returning to the earthquake movie. My daughter is home and on her computer so I can’t do anything on it.

I’ve learned the Charles S. Dutton is the Mayor of what’s left of New York. Tom Skerritt had been the Chief of Police, but he’d resigned just this morning. There is no love lost between Skerritt and Dutton. Because police headquarters and fire headquarters has been destroyed, that makes Skerritt the head of the police and the fire department. He tells Dutton that he takes his resignation back. Grrr. Lots of teeth grinding on both sides. Skerritt says that he needs the streets clear for fire and rescue. Dutton orders that every privately owned bulldozer in the city will be put in action to do the job.

Jennifer Garner can’t lose her taxi driver. He’s from some war-torn country so he knows how to survive in conditions like these. Garner tries to stop some looters and nearly gets killed. Cab driver stops the violence. She keeps pushing him away but she needs him and she knows she needs him. Romance is on the horizon.

Back in the subway tunnel an asshole that Charles S. Dutton’s lawyer daughter just freed from a murder charge has taken charge of the situation. He’s showing an ugly side that she never saw in the courtroom. He wants to leave the injured behind. They’re mostly dead already, he reasons. Finally he gives in when the crowd turns ugly on him. The lady lawyer has stuck up a friendship with the guy who plays Curtis Manning on 24.

Commercial break. The Geico lizard is talking to another lizard about pie and chips. I don’t understand what the point of the commercial is, but I like it. I already have Geico insurance.

Oooop, the subway tunnel suddenly starts filling up with water. This could be bad.

If I had to compare the two I’d say that this earthquake movie is better than then the movie Earthquake from the early 70s with Charleton Heston. I think that one hit Los Angeles, so that was no major loss.

ChiPs star Eric Estrada is on television hawking a real estate package for Vila Vista village in Arkansas. I could get a free weekend trip there if I call now. Hmmm… Tempting if Jon was there too, and that blonde woman. If the three of them were there I’d go.

The commercial breaks are getting longer. They must be running out of movie. I have to go do some writing. I’ll check in on the earthquake a little later.

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business voodoo said...

all i can say is "GIGO" ... no wonder our world is in the state it is in!!!!
you just perfectly described why i no longer go to movies without a serious recommendation and reminded me why my t.v. is off more than it is on. thank you!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'