Anatomy 101

A few posts earlier I talked about my rediscovery of 1959’s Anatomy of a Murder. Business dragged me away before I could finish the film.

Several minutes ago I finished watching The Great White Hope and flicked over to Anatomy and was lucky enough to land on a part of the movie I had missed.

Damn, Lee Remick was red hot in this movie, and Jimmy Stewart was a pistol. There was a great courtroom scene between the judge and all the attorneys involved. The discussion concerned the use of the world ‘panties’, which made sense because the trial involved an alleged rape.

A few minutes later the doctor who examined Lee Remick was called on the stand to testify. The actor who played the doctor was Howard McNear, a.k.a. Floyd the Barber on the Andy Griffith Show. It was funny to hear Floyd the Barber talking about examining Lee Remick for sperm samples. The image of him poking around between her taunt thighs is one that will remain in my head for years to come.

I really need to watch this movie from start to finish. I should schedule the DVR to grab it the next time it’s on. I seem to remember a fun Saul Bass opening sequence.

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