He's no Cinderella Man, but he ain't too bad...

Sleep eludes me again. Truth be told, I haven’t pursued it with much effort.

I’m watching The Great White Hope on the Fox Movie Channel. What a fantastic movie. I didn’t see it when it first came out, in 1970, but I remember it caused quite a ruckus because of all the interracial nastiness that was going on between James Earl Jones and Jane Alexander’s characters.

I’m a big fan of the Fox Movie Channel because it shows great classics and it shows them letterboxed, like they ought to be.

James Earl Jones is at the top of his form in this movie. If he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, he was robbed.

Speaking of Jones, if you’ve never seen it, you should check him out as Looking Glass General Alice, in 1990’s By Dawn’s Early Light. It’s a brink-of-Armageddon movie with a brain. Perhaps it will show up on the Fox Movie Channel one evening.

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