Pa, the Beast has done caught the mange. You'd best take him out back and put him down 'fore Timmy gets home...

I intend to give the upcoming X-Men 3 movie a fair shake when it comes out, but earlier today I saw a still photo of the Beast with is shirt off and I thought for a moment that I was looking at someone's Halloween costume. His fur looks awful, like he's got a case of mange or some disease. It looks like he's got two types of fur. One type that's close to his skin and provides basic cover, and then there is a longer fringe that hangs down two or three inches longer than the first. Both levels look just plain wrong.

I made the Halloween costume connection because the fur looks like it's been spray painted with that temporary hair coloring you see for sale with the wigs and make-up. I kind of like what they did with his face and the hair on his head, but his body fur looks like it belongs in a high school play.

They should have called Peter Jackson and borrowed some leftover King Kong fur. That was some good looking fur.

I know the studio is in a rush to get this movie out before Superman, but it looks like maybe too many corners are being cut. Of course all will be forgiven if they sneak a Sentinel in it. All I ask is for Colossus and Wolverine to take down a sentinel with a fast-ball special, and they could do the rest of the film with sock puppets.

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Tony Akins said...

Fred, I'm sure they'll fix it in post. I mean remember how Ben Grime/Thing first looked before the film was released, and the film was released and...Oh, wait.