More cheese please…

The Encore channel is currently showing one of my weird guilty pleasure movies. It’s a film that I hate but that I always stop to watch, when it’s on.

Released in 1980, Xanadu was a critical and commercial flop that has survived over the years in a semi-cult status. Part of this is due to the soundtrack, which was a big hit then and still sells today.

Olivia Newton-John (my secret girlfriend) stars as a muse to a troubled painter. Gene Kelly stars as a rich old musician that wants to open a disco. The movie is set in a part of southern California where everyone wears colorful suspenders and gets around by roller-skating. The storyline is so full of cheese it’s tough not to gag while you watch it.

Half the soundtrack is provided by Olivia Newton-John, and the other is by Jeff Lynne and ELO.

The movie is a horribly flawed hunk of trash but it’s also a brilliant slice of the late 1970s.

It’s really horrible but I love it.

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