Tiger's big secret...

One of our oldest cats, Tiger is his name, always seems to be unusually concerned with the exhaust fan in our upstairs bathroom.

From all appearances it’s identical to the one in the downstairs bathroom and the one in the laundry room, which also doubles as the cat’s bathroom.

The two downstairs fans don’t seem to bother him a whit, but whenever he’s in the upstairs bathroom and I turn on the fan, he turns his attention to it with unusual intensity.

(The reason I have occasion to see him in both bathrooms on a semi-regular basis is because Tiger is a bit fickle when it comes to his drinking water. Unlike our mentally deficient Dusty, who is happy to slurp out of the toilet or from pans and bowls soaking in the kitchen sink, or the rest of the gang who are content to drink from the bowl of fresh water we keep near their food bowls, Tiger will only drink from a coffee cup of water left on either of the bathroom counters. He’ll lap it up until the level gets too low for his head to fit in, then he’ll dip his paw in and lick the water off of it. I’m sure he’s aware of the big bowl of fresh water next to his food, but he’s simply not interested.)

So I’m a little concerned over Tiger’s concern over the upstairs bathroom exhaust fan. Do his extra sensitive cat ears detect something that my potato filled human ears is missing? Is there an electrical defect and he’s hearing the sputtering of a sparking short circuit that will result in a fire that will consume me and everyone I love?

He’s not talking, and unless Matt Murdock drops by for a wine tasting party in the near future, I guess I’ll have to haul the step stool upstairs and investigate. I’ll keep you posted, because everyone loves to be posted, right?


Tony Akins said...

So, it's like the cat in "Constantine" plus the fans in "Angel Heart"...that equals C.H.U.D.!
So who's this "perfect woman" Val mentioned?

Fred Schiller said...

Speaking of Constantine, and you just were, did you hear that the director, Francis Lawrence, is signed up to direct an adaptation of 'I Am Legend'? I really dig this guy's visual style. It could be great. Not as great as The Omega Man, but great none the less.

Concering the perfect woman Val spoke of, she's smart and sassy and cute and kinda Charley, but I don't think she's your type. What is your type? Please have a detailed report on my desk by the morning.

That is all.