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I grew up with two older sisters who controlled the comic book content in our house for a long time. Until I was ten or twelve the bulk of the comics I read were either Archie’s or Harvey’s.

The first Marvel comic that I got hooked on was Marvel Double-Feature, which reprinted Gene Colon’s Iron Man and Jack Kirby’s Captain America. What a combo! If this comic didn’t get you jacked up you probably didn’t have a pulse.

I wonder if way back then I would have swallowed the notion that Marvel would kill one of their cash cows like Captain America. I wasn’t the most sophisticated kid on the block back then, but I’m pretty sure that I would have guessed that the event was little more than a crass marketing ploy.

Does anyone really care that Steve Rogers is going to be killed? I know I’m getting cranky in my old age but the only good I can see coming from this will be watching the dimwits on QVC trying to sell the comics in six months.

Bah. You kids get outta my yard!

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Jim Higgins said...

I just got the reprint. It's a good read, just looking at it as a comic. But most of The Civil War comics I read were. Supposedly there's going to be an autopsy next issue to convince us further that Steve Rogers is dead. All I can say is that I really do hope this is a sales gimmick. One thing that Marvel has over DC (among the many, like, all the good writers, 'cause DC's too cheap to outbid Marvel) is that they don't make major sweeping changes to their continuity every five or six years and then ten years later try and undo it badly. And they don't kill off their main characters (like Green Lantern, Flash, Superboy, Supergirl, Robin) and then replace them with their sidekicks, or protoplasmic blobs, or pocket (pool) universe versions.

I'm really not looking forward to a Bucky-with-his-robot-arm Cap, or a US Agent Cap, or a Sharon Carter Cap that's going to stay for the long run. Let's hope that, as Baldrick would say, it's all part of a "cunning plan."

PS Hi Fred!