I've been sick...

The last six weeks have been hell, but I'm on the road to recovery and will return...unless I don't, which would be tragic, right?


Aaron Sowd said...

Good to have you back! Is that your chest?

TMALO70 said...

It would be Tragic... By the way, Your RibCage is totally HAWT...


TMALO70 said...

Hey Fred Schiller!!! Where are You @ Man?!?


Fred Schiller said...

It turns out that the worst part of being on death's doorstep is getting up and out of the way.

I was sick. I was a very, very sick boy. About as sick as someone can get and still be alive. My brain's solution to this situation was to send me into a state of shock--which is why I was half off my nut for the majority of my stay in the hospital.

It's been weeks since I was released from the hospital but I still feel horrible. The medical community tells me that this is due in large part to how long I was "sick" which apparently started long before Valarie dragged my sorry ass to the hospital.

I was hatching this infection in my chest for months, so it's going to require just as long if not longer to recover.

There's a lesson to be learned here, so please pay attention. I'd hate for anyone to go through this.

Thanks for all the emails and well wishing. I appreciate all of them.

Be good to yourselves,