I was never a fan of the toys or the animated series, but kudos to the G.I. Joe movie for bringing in a remarkable 56 million on opening weekend. This is especially shocking due to all the bad press and word of mouth it's been getting. It looks like the perfect DVD rental for when the wife is out of town. Again, Go Joe!


Martin Powell said...

I'm gonna pass on this one. I still can't forgive Sommers for VAN HELSING. Paying to see another of his movies would only be encouraging him to make more, and we gotta stop him before he craps on Tarzan.

Fred Schiller said...

I'll agree with you that Van Helstink was a piece of offal, but the first The Mummy film was kinda fun. I guess even a blind monkey finds a banana every once in a while. I'm more concerned with what he's going to do to When Worlds Collide. Things could get ugly real fast.