Hulk angry...

Sleep eludes me once again… 

This time I got in four hours sleep before I lost hold of it. 

I was in the living room reading when I took a break and flicked on the television for a while. Val and Dakota have their ‘favorite channels’ set to all the MTV, Fuse, and VH1 channels. I have mine set for Turner Movie Classics and all the movie channels. The movie playing when the set came on was Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk movie. It struck me (ouch!) that The Incredible Hulk has been getting tons of airplay on cable.

Then it occurred to me why. 

The movie speaks to us on a level, a frustration level, that most all of us can relate to. Try and talk to your neighbor or a stranger at the supermarket about what’s going on in Iran. Or in Iraq. Which one of us are we friends with, and which ones are we fighting? Our brave soldiers are dying just about every day and for what. Oil? Freedom for a downtrodden people?

Most of us don’t know what’s going on outside of the pabulum that the news networks are feeding us, which is being fed to them by the government. Kinda frustrating, eh? Kinda makes you want to smash the military until you get some answers, right?

We are the Hulk and we want some answers. The last guy sure didn’t have any. Maybe the new guy will.

Hulk like beans. Uurrp!  

P.S. And for all those nay-sayers who say that the Hulk fought a big nasty monster in the end of the movie, I must point out that he was a government mercenary all jacked up on Hulk juice. In the end, the Hulk was still lashing out against the military--just like we'd like to. Well, I would anyway. 

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Martin Powell said...


Now you've gone and done it.

All those crusty war-mongering rat bastards are really gonna be out to get you.

Gamma ray overdose! Quick--!