Is it tired in here or is it just me?

  • It’s 3:36 Sunday morning and sleep eludes me..


  • Since sleep seems to be out of the question for the moment, there is any number of things that I could do rather than watch bad television.


  • I could do something constructive and write. I have deadlines that have been hovering overhead for days. Yep. I could write.


  • I could double up on my sleep meds and hope I don’t get a myocardial infarction or some such nastiness.  (Tried it, zero results)


  • I could dust all the toys and action figures that aren’t behind glass.


  • I could get a start on reorganizing all the bookshelves in the house. Each one is a mixture of art books, graphic novels, contemporary fiction, soft cover thrillers, and even a few music CDs thrown in for good measure. Each one looks interesting and is a nice mixture of sizes and colors, but chaos can only reign for so long.


  • I could wake up the cats and play with them. Or while they are asleep I could go clean their litter boxes.


  • It’s 4:10 and I’ve spent ten minutes in bed. Sleep still eludes me..


  • I could write some letters to people I owe letters to.


  • I could try and figure out how to add my old pal Martin Powell to my favorites list (boy is that guy busy. I should call him and ask if he needs help with anything)


  • I could Swifter the kitchen and bathrooms.


  • I could rearrange my Mighty Muggs so they don’t give the appearance of being about to fall on me.


  • I could find a DVD that I’ve been itching to watch, unfortunately our collection is split up between the living room and the living room closet. The door is broken so opening and closing it wakes the dead. If it wasn’t so noisy I could fix the door.


  • It’s 4:50 and I tried a glass of warm milk and gave sleep another try.


  • I could write up a dozen or so of the hallucinations I had last time I was in the hospital. Perhaps if I put them down on paper, if you will, they will stop haunting me.


  • I could organize and admire my pen collection—the only problem is that they’re in my dresser drawer in the bedroom and I’m certain to wake Valarie and she needs all the sleep she can get on the weekends.


o      It’s 6:06 and I just watched twenty minutes of the Doors movie, during which I kept switching over to watch Natural Born Killers. It’s a crap night for television.


  • I found something to do—feed the cats. They were out of food and I filled their bowl


  • I checked out the fridge and found we were lacking in breakfast foods. I could go over to our local Vons and buy a bunch. My dressing and leaving would no doubt wake Val so I’ll pass on that.


  • I could read the many books and magazines I have stacked on my nightstand but nothing interests me.


o      It’s 7:12 and I’ve just about given up on sleeping tonight. It’s probably going to mess up my alpha waves and make me a grump all day, but we’re planning on going to the movies today so I can always sleep there.


I hope everyone reading this has a better night’s sleep than I did.




Martin Powell said...

Insomnia has long been my Muse. I don't recommend that, though.

Fred Schiller said...

My muse is Olivia Newton-John from the movie Xanadu. All I have to do is play the soundtrack or any ELO and it's off to the races.

Martin Powell said...

Umm...does Val know about you going off to the races with Olivia...?

Fred Schiller said...

I figure what she doesn't know won't hurt me.

Val Jones said...

This is my favorite lately. Except I always sound like a shrew in your rants. Me and apparently (according to K. Heigl) every female in any given Judd Apatow movie. I don't think all females come out clean in Apatow's world, but I like to think that maybe his wife is a shrew and that drives him. I, however, am not a shrew. Really! I'm a lot more like an Apatow male than an Apatow female. I'd fit right in.Witness who I am married to, after all!

Fred Schiller said...

Val I'm not sure if you just insulted me or gave me a compliment. Either way I still love you to pieces...little tiny pieces that are small enough to fit in the mail.