The hour is late and I am weary, but there's always time for an unceremonious image dump. Right? Right!

Mister DJ, spin me some Archies!

I wonder if I can get prescription lenses for my Iron Man glasses?

Give it up, kid. You mom ain't got the skillz.

I still like both of them. I'm like that.

Now I wish they'd draw me a bath.

Jeffrey Catherine Jones, you are missed.

Hey! Quit snooping around on my computer! 

I found him, but he's all sticky and can't get out!

We seem to be a tad early for the big opening--or any opening.

Creepy yet fascinating. The Giger curse.

New HoverMice! Ask for them by name!

There aren't many things a hug can't cure. 

10 minutes ago: A perfect addition to my collection. It'll be worth a fortune one day.
Now: Nom nom nom nom! 

Your deductive reasoning is simply amazing, Batman!

There's only one left in stock, so hurry. Or don't. Me, I'm running away!

Just sittin' on the dock of the bay...

The doctor will see you now. Hey, where are you going?

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