Another assortment of images that please and amuse me. And isn't that what it's all about? Of course it is. Thank you for playing along.

The Germans have flying saucers? I did Nazi that coming.

Well, that's one way to do it. You could just shoot 'em.

ANTHONY! Why you gotta be late every Wednesday?

Oh, Clark! You've accidentally worn your transparent
business suit today. Go change before anyone notices!
The devil is sporting some sweet board shorts these days.

Everyone said their love would never last. It didn't. She sold him to a dinosaur
museum next to an alligator ranch.

So old, yet so warmly amusing. It makes me happy inside.
Here's that dumb cheerleader from Glee. She may be naked but that pose looks really comfortable. 

Galactus--Devourer of Worlds ate one too many planets and has an upset tum-tum.

Now this is a good sign.

Pee in the wrong person's shoe and you pay for it for life.

Katy Keene or Katy Perry. It doesn't really matter, does it?

Feel free to copy and share, but unless your keyboard has keys that mine don't, you can't hit share. Sorry.

Life is short--enjoy it while you can.

A not-so little mermaid. I'd date her just for the Halibut. 

Easy to get in, impossible to get out.

Did you see what moved in next door? There goes the neighborhood.

"There are no firearms permitted on the Jurassic Putt miniature golf course. The dinosaurs are NOT real." 
Every loves The T Game! Well, not so much Alice on the right who's been
playing for eighteen hours straight and is down $20,000.

The X-Men's White Queen by artist Phil Noto

I honestly have no idea of what's happening here.

Oh, Nick Fury. You're always such a drama queen. And aren't you supposed
to be African America these days? How's that working out for you?

A cast of only 5,003? Doesn't sound very exciting to me.

She's so preoccupied with her panty date that she doesn't notice her legs are
being eaten by a swarm of flesh-eating spiders.

Your PUNishment for today.

Hey! Put that down this second! I can't take you anywhere, can I?

Or wear them until they rot off you. I don't care. I'm not the underwear police.

Looking for something to keep you warm tonight in bed? Hire a skilled
prostitute. But if you only have ninety-five cents, buy this book.

Rock on, Yoda. Rock on.

Either he's stalking someone or he's stuck.

See how scary it is in there? I'd fight my way out if someone put me inside one.

Do you have any idea how late it is? I've been up licking myself for hours. 

You fellows are looking a little old to still be cadets. Having problem with classes
at the Space Academy?

Holy Cow! Sorry, Princess--you're on your own.

Of course the cat is still alive. They wouldn't let a baby hug a dead cat, would they?

The new girl is so transparent.

Thorn in the USA!

Don't worry. They're only talking about anal bleaching. 

If anyone knows what's happening in this painting, drop me a line. I think afro dude killed chubby for wearing a
white belt after Labor Day.

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