It wouldn't be a Saturday without a big fat image dump, would it? Of course it would, who am I kidding? But here's some fun stuff anyway!

If feet turn you on and you can't get ahold of a real pair to have
fun with, now they make these. I think this is the Siamese Twin
model. Whatever floats your boat.

I'm sticking around long enough to watch him try and swing
on the skinny wire.

I'd visit there in a heartbeat. Big feet run in my family.

One of the rare candies that tastes as good today as they did
back when you were a kid.

I'm no expert, but I think that ship has already sailed for Dave.

A photo from a Playboy magazine interview with
Peter Sellers--hence the nudity.

Miley, maybe until you can figure out how to keep these nudie
shots of you from leaking onto the Internet, you might want to
stop taking them. Just a thought.

Wise words from an intelligent man.

Stay classy, Hasbro.

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