It's storming tonight so I thought I'd post a few things in case my computer is struck by lightning and in turn I receive super powers.

"So, gals. I say we finish our Oreos and Pepsi and give this lesbian
thing a try!"

This is easily my favorite comic book panel from any
comic ever published. The only way it could possibly be
any better is if it included the line, "Must be unfamiliar
the the smell of chloroform."

Lord Stark of City Mechtronica!  Wait until you see his army--
plus he's got a BEAST!

Who can argue with that?

A shadowy figure I wouldn't mind following me home.

When the mysterious ApeCrow sounds his fierce call, even the
bravest men shake in their boots. 

The best thing that ever happened to Tokyo insurance companies.

That damn bird is back again. Luckily it always
tends to grab the ugly babies, but we need to deal
with this eventually. 

Sure I bought stock in them. I figure either way the invasion turns out, I'm a winner. 

This is going to turn pretty ugly in a hurry. In fact, it already has. Blech!

"Oh, goodie! The drive-in in Peoria is still playing Looper!"

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