SALE! We're giving these images away--can you believe it?If Our loss is your gain! Come early, stay late. Free popcorn and hotdogs for the kids! Don't miss out!

If I was having half this much fun the last thing I would do is repent.

Hey! Lego my money!

Said someone who was gotten down by the bastards.

Only Dracula could defeat the spirit of the china cabinet? And the ears are for...?

"We know you're the father but there's no way you're coming into the delivery room."

How the mighty have fallen. At least he can share with the shark.

We'll get right on that, Galactus, but first go put on your pants.

These are the types of comics grandparents buy for their grandkids.

Still my favorite Bruce Banner. He would have been great in the Avengers.

My new keyboard. It's wireless, has backlit keys, and works with my my iPhone and iPad. Aren't you thrilled for me?

Ladies, before you carve up your roadkill for dinner, you might want to give the authorities a call. 

Good Golly, Miss Molly, I love this movie to pieces. I wish more people would give it a try.

It seems weird to me as well, but if it's made by Fred it's got to be good.

Awwww, mom. Not in front of the guys. I love you too.

The townspeople in this building tried to set me on fire once, and a guy dropped a toaster on my head from that balcony. No kidding, a toaster. I killed an alligator near that sewer. He was small but strong!

Two amazing Iron Man comic covers. I need to look up the artist.

I'm going to trust my instincts and stay away from everything connected with this billboard.

Trying to cut back on sugar?

Let Skully Spoon help. He'll help you scare those calories away!

The best action/adventure show on cable you're probably not watching. That's sad.

So you probably don't want me to fly my new airplane because I can't fly. 

You got to pray just to make it today, even if you're a little water otter.

Who would expect a werewolf to attack underwater? Certainly not me. 

Yes, ma'am. I realize i'm a giant cock head sticking up out of the water. Yes, ma'am. Hilarious. 

Clothing prevents the blood from flowing freely to the brain. It's a fact! 

Yes we see, George. You got a strike. We're all thrilled for you. Now how about letting someone else take a turn?

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