I have a little peccadillo…

For some reason I find myself really bugged by hardcover books that are missing their dust jackets.

Last night Valarie finished the latest Lee Child novel, which I had read last week, and I noticed she put it on the shelf minus the dust jacket. I was silently appalled. I would have said something to her but with Val you have to choose your battles very wisely.

I found the cover this morning and everything is as it should be once more. I don’t have any clue why the lack of a dust jacket bugs me. I think it might have to do with the fact that I myself take the jacket off when I start reading a new book. I always wind up getting the book cover full of fingerprints from the natural oil that we all exude. The dust jacket hides these grubby little flaws. Plus, some dust jackets are just plain beautifully designed and illustrated. I wish I knew how to do that plastic coated library covering over the jackets. That would be cool. 

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