R.I.P. Fred’s PSP…long live the Wii!

It was time to face facts. I’m not getting younger and my eyesight sure the heck isn’t getting any better.

The PSP is a great little machine and I had a lot of good times playing with it, but The tiny screen just wasn’t cutting it—especially when there’s Wii in the living room hooked up to an obscenely big screen television.

So Dakota and I went to GameCrazy and handed them the PSP and all the six or seven games I’d purchased used. The resulting credit was enough to buy Mario Kart Racing and a couple other Wii games, along with a spare steering wheel. Dakota and I really dig playing Mario Kart on the GameCube and I hope it’s just as much fun on the Wii.

Val and I are nuts for playing tennis and bowling, so if Mario Kart turns out to be fun we can pick up an extra steering wheel for the game. A long time ago the three of us used to have fun playing Beetle Bug racing on the N64. Of course when you talk about the N64 you have to talk about James Bond in Golden Eye. I’m still waiting to have more fun than I had playing that game.

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