Spending too much time in the gutter...

Hands down the most popular game console in our household  is the Wii. This could have something to do with the fact that we haven't gotten around to getting an XBox 360 or a Playstation 3, but still I have nothing but praise for the Wii. 

We've purchased a number of games for the Wii, but I spend most of my time playing the Sports games which I'm pretty sure came free with the console. My wife and I play a lot of tennis, but the current fave is bowling. I just can't get enough of it. It's fun and maddening difficult at the same time. This past weekend I got my rating up over 1000 to the pro end of the chart and I was rewarded with a sparkle bowling ball (until you hit pro you play with a single color plain ball). Of course as soon as I got it I bowled a bum game, lost twenty-five skill points and lost my pro status and my sparkle bowl. I quickly worked hard to get back over the pro line. My current skill level is around 1045, which means if I bowl a couple of weak games I go back to a plain ball. 

I wonder if there are any other perks if I can get my skill level really high. Time will tell

My wife and daughter refuse to play with the straps attached to the controller. They won't play with the rubber condom-like sheath that's designed to give you a really good grip. I guess in the early days of the Wii they had people losing their grip on their controllers and would send them flying into their plasma t.v.'s and Ming vases. I would like to at least have the strap on my controller, but after Val and Dakota took them off they got lost. The cats probably have them hidden somewhere. Our cats do things like that. If you leave something like a pill bottle out on a table, they'll knock it down and roll it under the couch or in some corner. Sneaky bastards.

I want to be a better bowler but I seem to have hit a glass wall. I've been fighting the urge to look for tips online for fear that I'll find some cheat codes and then I'll be rolling 300 games and the fun will fly out the window. 

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